What happens when two walls meet. They are cornered

Three good friends decided to meet in their favorite caffe. The meetup was a successful one, because they all enjoyed themselves

Homie: let’s meet ♥️

Skrr: it’s 🔥🌭

Meaning- it’s hot[🔥] dawg[🌭]

girl- mom, meet my boyfriend mom- meet my boyfriend girls boyfriend- dad is that you are you back from the supermarket with milk mom’s boyfriend- uh gtg

Things said by racist aliens:

“Some of my best friends are Green.” “I just know that Orange guy stole my spaceship.” “You’re very pretty for a Purple girl.” “We know you Tentacletians like to rape everyone with your tentacles!” “Adax Hitao should have finished off you Bluish people.” “You 2-headed people are so stupid!” “No Slimatians are allowed in this restaurant because of health codes.” “Get out of my store you grigger!” “The Plu Plux Plum meeting is tonight! Let’s burn some spaceships on the Greenies’ lawns!”

white people: come to America, meet natives and take food, kil them, rape them and enslave them natives: can y- white people: hey you remember all that horrible shit we did to you lets have a good laugh about it over dinner with your buddies and my new wives

Why was Stephen hawking late to the NASA meeting He couldn’t get up the kerb

A man is meeting a client in Japan, yet arrives a day early. When night hit he went out with a prostitute. They’re having sex, yet the prostitute kept shouting “Fuji, Fuji, Fuji!”, so the man thinks he doing a good job. The next day, the man meets his client and they go golfing and the client gets a hole in one. The man praises him by going “Fuji, Fuji, Fuji!”. His client turns around confused and says “What do you mean wrong hole!?”

Theodd1sout is odd to meet

Knife to meet ya

How does a cow introduce his wife?

Meet Patty

Three men are shipwrecked on a jungle island and taken prisoner by the residing cannibals, they are all told to walk into the jungle and come back with one piece of fruit, they go in and the first man comes out with a peach, he is instructed to shove it in his ass and if he laughs he will be killed, he tries and dies, the second man comes back with a grape and is instructed to do the same, when the two meet at the pearly gates the first man says, i had a peach, there fuzzy, you had a grape whats your excuse? "Well i was doing fine until I say jimmy come out of the brush with a pineapple.

What if you put a scared homosexual guy and an angry homophobic guy inside a stable ?

Hmm let’s see, if the homosexual guy has some good luck maybe he will meet a super unicorn and helps him out to defeat the angry homophobic guy :D

A father of a young girl comes and meet the doctor. Father : Doctor… How is my daughter’s report ? Doctor : Congrats… Your daughter is pregnant. Father : WTF ??? Mt daughter is 10 years old and unmarried.

Why did the chicken cross the road

Because he wanted to get to the other side and meet his friend

aaron and ben meet on grinder [they have a drink and have sex they wake up in the morning in bed aaron says im so glad i got it out ben relys what oh just the HIV

a dog meets a cat. the cat is black and the dog is white. They have sex on site no cap

To the people who have seen Meet The Fockers at the movies and they hated it, Fock You Motherfockers!

A father of a young girl comes and meet the doctor. Father : Doctor… How is my daughter’s report ? Doctor : Congrats… Your daughter is pregnant. Father : WTF ??? My daughter is 10 years old and unmarried.

What did Charizard said to Arceus knife to meet you literally I got you out of Pokemon sword and shield

Lady: I am going to come to your house.

Man: ok. An hour later, the lady is at the mans house. The man meets her outside of the house.

Man: you are going to cum to my house!

And then he fucks her.