Juice Jokes


They said that new juice world album was shaking good…


what goes up stairs but doesnt move, stairs! laugh now!

George Simons
in Egg

What did the blender say to the orange juice? What the fuck are you, you are so fucking stupid shut the fuck up.

About this opportunity

Juce world farts smell like Macdonalds


why satan dint stoped sanding mesaages to god about hell?

cause they made a juice out of him

Lovely perv

What do lovely men and tampons have in common both lick up the juices of the women they were made for.

Andy lea Bel

Want to know what juice wrld would do if he was alive today. frantically scratch on the inside of his coffin.


i like it when girls poop it rely hot. i like the big but orange holes when the brown farter juice comes out of the orange i lik alot 🤑 🤑 🤑 🤑 🤑

I get big weniro when i think about big farting girl

in Fruit

why did the orange stop? because it ran out of juice

in Boring

When I am getting bore, I hold a banana start shaking suddenly it gives out juice after a few min I get excited ohhhhhhj…
Try with a cucumber


what do gay girls order in a bar

pussy juice

in Water

Whats a currents favroute juice?

Black “current”!

DïRtY jÖkeS
in Banana

Q: Why did the boy not eat the banana?

A: He was scared the juice might come out

in WiFi

how steven hawkings died, because he moved to much during the day and ran out of juice