Why was the obtuse angle hot?

It Was More Than 90*

yo mamas so hot when she walked into subway she gave me a foot long

wht do you call stephen hawking on fire? hot wheels!!!

what do you call Stephen hawkings on fire? [answer] hot wheeles

a hot dog and a banana had a race who won


what do you call a bunch of retarded kids in a hot tub? steamed vegetables.

Friend: you know how I like my women like my coffee…. Hot Me: what If you don’t like coffee:(

I like my women how i like my coffee……… HOT

Why are most firefighters men? Because they like to find hot places and leave them wet.

The witch doctor came in my mouth last week. First hot meal I’ve had in weeks

Once there were 2 cupcakes in the furnace the one cupcake said its kinda hot in here the other one said hah a talking cupcake

What do you call diareah from a hot woman Chocolate milk What do you call diarrhoea from a fat woman Arsenic

I like my women how I like my cigarettes. Smokin’ hot, and with a little saliva on the butt.

One hot day a cow wanted some shade. He found a tree and started resting under it but there was a chicken bothering him. The cow exclaimed “Moooove”, the chicken didn’t move, again “Mooooove”, and still the chicken wouldn’t move. The cow yelled “MOOOOOVE”, the chicken turned around and said “FUCKOFF”.

What do you call Stephen hawkings on fire?HOT WHEELS WELL SEE HIM SOON

Hot shingles in your neighbourhood wanting to get nailed.

What do you call Stephan hawkings on fire HOT WHEELS

It’s not my fault my cousins hot ;) YEE YEE

Cremation, The last chance for a smoking hot body.

what do you call stephen hawkling on fire? hot wheels