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I’ve just been fired from the clock making factory after all those extra hours I put in.

Why was the man fired from a calendar factory? – He took a day off.

yo mama so stupid that she got fired from the M&M factory for throwing away all the W’s

i use to work at a calendar factory but i got fired because i missed a few days

Why Was The Blonde Fired From The M&M Factory?

For Throwing Out the W’s

Man: I got fired from my job at the calander factory. Lady: What did you do? Man: I took a day of…

Stephen Hawkings just died. Have they tried rebooting him to factory settings?

I bet you go grocery shopping at the Twinkie Factory

After an explosion at a French cheese factory… all that was left was De Brie

I can’t believe I got fired at the calender factory. I mean… All I did was take a day off!

Why did the girl quit her job at the donut factory? – She was fed up with the hole business.

I heard every single machine in the coin factory just broke down all of a sudden, It just doesn’t make any cents!

a man got fired from the first coin factory. he exclaimed “no! this is the only thing thats ever made cents!!”

Did you hear about that cheese factory that exploded in France? There was nothing left but de Brie!

I used to work at a candlestick factory, but only on the wickends! It was illuminating !

What was Stephen Hawking’s dying words "restore factory settings"

Your Birth Certificate is an apology from the Condom factory

I got a job at the can factory but it is soda-pressing

Yo Mama So Ugly When She Entered The Scare Factory She Came Out With a Job Application

I went to the bathroom and into a stall, to see a hole in the wall. I reminded me of ‘The Lickable Wallpaper’ from ‘Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory’. I jokingly started licking. Though, the carrot tasted musky, and kinda wrinkly.

I got fired from a pickle factory for getting my finger caught in a slicer…they only gave her the day off with pay…unfair!

Did you hear about the fire in the shoe factory? Many soles were lost.

one day this dad and his son went to a basketball factory and the son said i want to buy some balls and the dad said what for the son said so you can have some balls.

So one time this really rich guy’s son’s birthday was coming up. So he asks his son what he wants. So the son says “can i have pink ping pong balls.” The father asks why and his son stays silent. The dad decides to get it for him. The dad doesn’t see the son ever do anything with them. A year later the dad asked him what he wants the son then says “can I have 10000 pink ping pong balls”. The dad then responds with “son why, I gave you some last year and this whole year you did not play with them.” The son, yet again stays silent. The Dad was reluctant to do it but did it anyways. Now a few years later the son is now 20 and his rich dad and him have not seen each other in a while. So the dad decides to celebrate his sons birthday. He asks his son once again what he wants and his son says “can I have 10000 pink ping pong balls.” His dad screams “ SON WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THESE BALLS!!! I NEVER SEE YOU WITH THEM AND YET YOU STILL WANT MORE. WHAT THE HELL!!!” The son yet again stays silent. The dad, though a little pissed, decides to buy As much of the pink ping pong balls that he sees and gives it to his son. The son is happy, but does not do anything. Now after a while the sones about 30, and he and the father are more distant than ever. The father gets a call from a hospital telling him that his son could die from a disease that only 2 people survived. So the father goes there and starts crying and grieving. Then he asks his son what he would like before he dies. The son then says “can you buy me all of the factory’s that produce pink ping pong balls.” His dad doesn’t question because he is to sad to and buys him the only factory that produces pink ping pong balls. Then the doctors put him in a wheelchair and follow the dad and they take him to one of pink ping pong ball factory’s and the dad says “okay son I fulfilled what you wanted. But what have you done and what do you plan to do with all of these pink ping pong balls .” The son ,ignoring the question says “ this is magnificent. My final wish is that I stay here overnight.” So the doctors and the father decide to and everyone goes home to sleep. The next day, everyone returned to the factory to find all the pink ping pong balls gone and the son. The father was sad but a little angry and decided to search his whole house to find pink ping pong balls but doesn’t find any and they search the whole factory for the son and the balls. And soon they end up searching the whole earth and never found him.