Documentary Jokes

I just watched a documentary about Adolf Hitler.

He sure was a popular guy. Everywhere he went, people shouted “Hi Hitler” and gave him a little wave.

I got kicked out of Social Studies class when my teacher made us watch a women's rights documentary. When he asked us what the genre of the film was, I put my hand up and said "Fiction".

When the guy next to you says that he kind of agrees with the villain.

Me watching a World War 2 documentary.

People were deciding how to punish a terrible criminal and one man came up with a great idea. He sat him in a movie theater with no food at all and made him watch a 12 hour documentary about the country Hungary

I was watching a documentary about how storks carry babies from their previous life to the next.

In his old life Michael Jackson must’ve been a teddy bear. The storks let him play with kids for a change.

There's a new Michael Jackson biopic in the works. There is a possibility that we will know who his love interest was.

What we know so far: Billie Jean is not his lover, and that kid [seen with him] is not his son. We also know that Michael Jackson said that sharing his bed with little boys is "healing" and an act of "sharing the love", so take that as you will.

One of the most popular documentaries of the 2010’s was ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’.

One of the least popular documentaries was ‘Jiro’s Nightmare of Ass-Rape’.

We were watching a 9/11 documentary in class. I started playing the angry birds theme song. That didn't fly well with people, the teacher yelled at me like an bomb, and I landed on the ground