Beaver Jokes

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What did the beaver say to his son? Dam son

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I was talking to a beaver about my life. I dont think he really gave a dam about it at all.

Pinky D

I just watched a documentary about beavers. It was the best dam show I’ve ever seen.

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I just watched a program about beavers. it was the worst dam program I’ve ever seen.

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What is the difference between artificial vanilla and Marjorie Taylor Greene’s children? Artifical vanilla come from a beaver’s asshole, the children from an asshole’s beaver.

igloo and you

What do George Washington and a beaver have in common?

They both have eyes

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I just watched a prog am about beavers. It was the best dam program I’ve ever seen.😂😂😂

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So my ex who wouldn’t leave me alone because she thought I was the best person in the world even though will has a better haircut then me but anyway when we broke up she said I was the worst person she ever met and I told her she looks like a cross between a beaver and a mole rat. Then I told her she has the wendys logo haircut and then some other things I’m not gonna say. 2 years of bullshit I was done Anyways she cried lol

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What did the beaver say when it hit the wall?