Video Jokes

I saw an Isis video and I got the theme stuck in my head. I was humming it the next day at work when my Arab co-worker said, "soon, my brother."

me: "comment if you love yourself and give me a reason" friends: comments give reason me: "notice how i commented nothing day later mom: let me see your tik tok me: shows her the video mom: calls suicide JK she just beat me for posting a video on her

A woman is slightly drunk, watching a video, when she yells at the screen, "Don't go into that church you dumb bitch!"

Her husband asks, "What are you watching?"

"Our wedding video

my brother wanted to go fishing i told him he had to learn how to master bait go look it up on youtube guess who is grounded

What does an autistic kid and a porn video have in common? You can shot both of them, just not in public.

A white woman was caught on video using racial slurs and assaulting two black students she was charged with Interpreting black police officer