Castle Jokes

In chess, why does the queen have more mobility than the king?

Because the chessboard looks like a kitchen floor

5 4 3 2 1. A castle ways a ton. 5 4 3 2 1. The Queen of England's won. I never thought she'd get it done, but her sister is a nun.

What did the knight say to his younger brother? "Good night."

You expected a silly pun there, didn't you? That's pretty rude. It makes light of the struggles of being a knight. Especially a good knight.

The Ruler of Varvona wanted a fruitcake but his subjects showed up at his castle with a christian instead. And he said: NO, NO, NO! YOU IMBECILES! NOT THAT KIND OF FRUITCAKE!"

Mario:Princess Peach got kidnapped again! Luigi:Where did they go? Mario:To the left Luigi:Fuck

Mom: you need to grow up. your so immature

Me: *glares* get out of my castle ....

Mom: it's a pillow fort

Me: why cant i have an imagination!?

Mom: your almost 19 years old

Me: not good enough ... OUT!