Aur Myss

Remember what one of my gay friends told me: it’s only cannibalism if you swallow.



Whats a cannibal’s favourite drink? A Bloody mary



what is a cannibals favorite food? finger food



How does a cannibal like his meat?




Am I considered a cannibal because I told my mom that grandma’s ashes was sugar.



Why don’t cannibals eat clowns They taste funny



Did you hear about the cannibal that passed his brother in the woods?


random girl

Imagine this…ur a lesbian and ur doing it with your cannibal girlfriend. You say “eat me baby”

She pulls out a knife and fork



The cannibal says to the other cannibal I like it when humans fall from the sky because then they are me(a)teor


Pro joker

Why don’t cannibals eat clowns? Because they taste funny.



What do you call a Turk eating turkey. A cannibal.



Three unlucky jungle explorers were captured by a band of cannibals. Whilst being tied to three respective stakes, the chieftain announces that the hapless adventurers were about to die. “After you’re dead, you’ll be skinned. The skin will be used to increase our canoe armada, and the rest of you will be food for us and our families.” This announcement was met with gasps of despair from the bound trio. “There is one small favor I can offer you,” the chief went on. “We’ll let you choose your own method of death from what we have captured from other explorers”. Some of the tribal members begin walking by displaying various implements of war and death. The first explorer chose a crusty looking musket. Thankfully the powder load still fired, and he was dispatched without much fuss. The second chose a knife and quickly drew it across his throat. Both carcasses were hauled off by various tribesmen. The third explorer stood there resolute and deep in thought. After a few moments the chieftain, “There is no escape, you need to decide now, or I’ll decide for yo…” “Do you have a fountain pen in any of that junk?” the explorer interrupted? Baffled the chieftain sent two of his men to rummage. They came back bearing the pen and a bottle of ink. When the explorer noticed the ink was Noodler’s Baystate Blue, his grin spread from ear to ear. Gathered round the explorer, spears in hand, the cannibals looked on as he was released and set to work filling the pen with ink. Confused, the chief began to speak, “I’m afraid we have no paper and even if you wrote a final letter, we’d have no way of sending it anywh…” Cackling with triumphant glee, the explorer raised the pen into the air and began ramming it into his torso nib first again and again. He then fell upon the ground gasping a death rattle. Horrified, the chief drew close as the man beckoned him for one final word. “But why this painful death? When you had so many other more merciful options?” the chief asked. Laughing, the man gasped his last statement into the chief’s ear, “You’ll make no boats from me now, and your mouths will be blue for months!”


Dick Hertz, Jr.

Why did the student cannibal rush to the cafeteria? He wanted to eat ahead of the others.



what is a cannibals favorite type of pizza?



That sit down comedian

A cannibal went to the dietitian and he got told to eat more vegetables so he ate a disabled person



Two cannibals are eating a clown,

One says to the other one-“Does this taste funny to you?”



What was The name of the person who was mean The Canabully



What does a cannibal call a pregnant woman… a kinder-egg suprise!!!