My jokes are cancer.

How do u finger a feminist, shake her hand and call her Theresa

So I made a simple cancer joke on roblox with my friend an then both hers dumb ass friends we’re like, OMG WHY WOULD U SAY DAT? YOUR HORRIBLE!! THAT PISSED ME OFF like damn woman it’s not like I said, IF PEOPLE IN YOUR FAMILY DIED FROM CANCER THAT MEANS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ARE ALL DUMB ASSES. If anything they are actually dumb asses but hey. Also they can’t talk. They don’t know that I’m abused everyday at home and pressured to get good grades or else I’d get my head bashed against a wall till there is blood. So if they are reading this, SUCK MY ASS BITCH

so i walked into this bar, and thought, “wow. this is a dull joke.”

i don’t like jokes.

My mother said I’m sexy I said no I have cancer

Im jealous of cancer my dad beat me but never beat cancer.

What did the dick said to the ass hole?

You need another dick

Why do toy bears have small eyes because they were made in China

Me and my cancer Are like a game of fortnite I’ll never win

Oliver savage’s life

What do you call a mammal the has no hair? Cancer

Guy #1 is being picked up by Guy #2 from the hospital. Guy #1: Oh man, I just got my prostate checked. It’s not looking good. Guy #2: Why, what is it? Guy #1: Turns out, I have Prostate Cancer. Guy #2: Oh man that sucks… Guy #1: Yeah, it’s a real pain in the ass!

stop joking with cancer.

  • from a survivor :)

whats the samthing between milk and a kid with cancer they both have a expiery date

What did the orphan get for Christmas nothing because his parents ran away double whammy orphan jokes r like a kid with cancer it never gets old 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌👌👌👌👌

why couldn’t the girl brush her hair?

… she had cancer… ;)

What did the kid with cancer say can- I see my mom one more time

what did your mom get for chirstmas? a big black horse dildo

why is the disease lung cancer never hungry, Because its eating on your lungs

child with cancer says mother what will i be when i grow up and then the mother says shut up dick you have cancer hehehe.