One day a guy named Carson is called a jerk and he says "I went to a party with my girlfriend and this random guy walks up to us and says can I borrow your girlfriend for a 30 minutes I say yes and he takes her up stairs. It was not only 30 minutes but a hour. When she came back down she was out of breath so I knew it was a pretty intense conversation.this happens about 3 more times that night. But as I was saying only a nice guy would let his girlfriend make friends with other guys 😊😇



Knock knock

Who’s there? Your Boyfriend Your Boyfriend who? Your Boyfriend who doesn’t love you! Bye




who wanna be my boyfriend


@emma.the.weirdoo tiktok

girl- mom, meet my boyfriend mom- meet my boyfriend girls boyfriend- dad is that you are you back from the supermarket with milk mom’s boyfriend- uh gtg



My sister’s boyfriend is pissed cuz I fucked his girl




During this covid shit, if a guy starts following you with the masks on. Should you be scared or dumb bastard is that just your boyfriend…


real boyfriend metireal

my boyfriend is just like a sexy nerd and a I still have to ask him thinks like that becuae i so distraked from him


eshay lad

why did the orphan call her boyfriend daddy? because she wanted that D


bi girl

Me and my brother talking about relationships Me: We live kind of differently Brother: We’re sort of alike Me: We’re not alike Brother because he’s taken: cause you don’t have boyfriend! My thoughts: You’re right. Cause I have a girlfriend!




What is a boyfriend


Joel Phillips

Why doesn’t Hellen Kellers boyfriend like having sex with her? Cause she just lies there lime she’s dead.



Just before Lockdown began, a woman took her 15 yr old son Tom, and 14, 16 and 18 yr old daughters Sally, Mary, and Annie and went to the family cabin in the mountains to wait it out, while her husband stayed in town as an essential worker.

The weekly family zoom call went well enough…until the 8th week when the father noticed the 14 year old was looking a little…plump. By the 20th week the 16 year old’s shirt was starting to pull taut over her tummy, by the 25th the curve of the 18 yr old’s belly was rising over the edge of the table her laptop was perched on, and by the 30th week his wife and all 3 girls were very obviously 6 months pregnant, and the poor 14 year old was so huge she was obviously having triplets.

So the father waited until he’d talked to his son and daughters, and asked if he could talk to his wife alone.

“Look, I know you and the girls are all pregnant. I’m not mad, I just want to know how it happened. We don’t have any neighbors up at the cabin, did you break quarantine and invite some hikers in, or go into town for supplies?”

She started crying. “No, Tommy’s the father! I’m so sorry, I never meant for it to happen, but it’s been so lonely here without you…I walked in on him jerking off and just couldn’t help myself! And Annie’s been missing her boyfriend at college, and it…it just sort of got out of hand.”

“It’s okay sweetheart, I forgive you. You’ve been isolated for months, up there.”

She wiped her tears away. “I can’t believe how understanding you’re being about this. When we get home I’m making you the best steak and lobster you ever had! I know you aren’t eating well, I was looking at the bills on Amazon Prime and saw you ordered a 45 pound pail of peanut butter!”

He looked down under the camera line, under his desk. He wasn’t wearing pants and the family dog was still licking his dick. “These things happen.”



What is the difference between a human and a magic house!?a magic house 🏡 can fly and a human can walk




I’d tell you a joke about my boyfriends dick, but It’s a private joke.



Hoow on god’s green earth does my boyfriend have a phone? JK WE NEED TO TALK ILL TYPE THE SECRET CODE (YOU’LL KNOW WHAT IT MEANS.) GREEN PUSSY CAT LIKES BANNANS.


Thiccc n....

Girlfriend after sex: how did you get so good at eating pussy? Boyfriend: my mom taught me




My sister boyfriend is mad because I fucked his girl.




1st graders: ay yo girl I think you’re beautiful let’s get married!! 2nd graders: uhh don’t tell my mom that we’re dating!! She won’t let me date! Let’s keep this a seeeeecret heeheehee. 3rd graders: uh my teacher told me to stay after school because I wrote a poem about you and I’m 9 years old, we have to break up sweetie. 4th graders: hey I think you’re cute!! Wanna date? I don’t think my girlfriend will mind… 5th graders(they start wearing makeup): ay girl your eyelashes are pretty I like you now, wanna date? Here’s my numberrrrrr. 6th graders: heyyyyy I gotta tell you a secret I got a crush on you!! Don’t tell anyone!! Byeee, ooh I’ll text you later! 7th graders: we need to make Peyton jealous because she broke up with you!! Wanna date? I mean, you’re not hot, but still, great personalityyyyy alright bye now 8th graders: hi sweetheart I got STARRRBUCKKKSSS Me: UGLY AF AND LITERALLY NO BOYFRIEND…



s0 666 3629 so get it?


Uncle Jokes

An ugly man with a gun walks into a bar. He sees a woman, and falls in love with her. Man: Hey, cute lady! Woman: Leave me alone, you ugly two faced man! I already have a boyfriend. Man: Not for long! And then the man shoots the woman’s boyfriend. Woman: How dare you murder such a beautiful man! Man: Now you shall be my girlfriend. Woman: Never. And then the man takes the seat that the woman’s boyfriend was sitting in before. Man: You look like a dream. Woman: Then open up your ugly eyes and stop sleeping, murder. Man: What’s it like being the most beautiful girl in the world, compared to all those ugly woman? Bleuch! Woman: What’s it like being the ugliest mother f***ing murder in the world, compared to all those beautiful men? And then the man orders flowers and candy. Bartender: We don’t serve flowers, or candy. And the man shoots the bartender. Another man can’t believe what he just saw, so he strangles the first man, and throws him out.