April fools joke go to an orphanage and tell them their parents came back

Imagine if on April first the government says hahhaha you all fell for it covid19 is fake we actually killed all those people lol

What is the smartest month?

April - No one can fool it.

Can February March? – No, but April May.

when its April fools day go to a orphan and say there parents should come back

Q. What monster plays the most April Fools Pranks

A. Pranken stein

It’s April fools day. I’m gonna go to the orphanage and tell kids their parents are here to pick them up.

Why is April the smartest month? It can never be fooled.

Why can’t October fool April?

Because only April Fools.

Sally’s mother had four children. The fourth April, The second May, The third June. Who was the first child


A man is telling his story to someone. “My friends always said that they would kill me if I wore Gucci or Supreme. On April 1st, I wore both and conversed with them.”


“That’s the story of how I got to the morgue.” he says to The Gatekeeper of Heaven.

Q: a mom had 5 children - January, febuary, march, april what is the name of the fifth child? A: What.

knock knock who’s there fourth of april fourth of april who may the fourth be with you

The date is April 1st Somebody asks you what’s you are doing “I guess you could say I’m… fooling around ( ✧≖ ͜ʖ≖)“

Wife: I want to deep throat your dick. Husband:let’s do this Wife: April forgjhmgkjgyukgyukfygkutkutkygfku5t