Adoption Jokes

what did the orphan say to its parents? hey mom and dad oh wait ur not my parents i dont have nun will u adopt me pls they people:no

These are not funny those that are Adopted feel hurt by these! You shall feel ashamed of yourself! Take the L! - Losers

Q: Why can kids relate to dogs? A: they are noticed for 13 years then left for noone to touch again.

an adopted kid is walking to school when an emo kid aportes him hey says the emo kid do you have rope No replies the adopted kid Dang it i hate you says the emo kid "now the adopted one is angry" Well at least im loved says the adopted kid.

if you know a emo kid please stay away the depression is contagions I,m a survivor like if you dislike emos.

Not to be rude or anything but im not adopted my bf is and some of these are really mean because sometimes there parents give them up just because there ugly or just because of there skin color We should stop making fun of them and yes i do gigle sometimes but they can be relay hurtful sometimes

you know the phrase "one mans trash is another mans treasure"great phrase,Bad way to find out your adopted

Congratulations! 10 years+ record of hide and seek with your parents and they're still hiding! :) They hide so well, they probably forgot about you. Mwah. <3

If you think about it, then adoption is the last choice for getting a child, so those who are adopted were the last choice

what the orphan say to the other orphan u have a dad say he can have i will u so he can adopted me

Dad: Son, you're adopted.

Son: Oh wow I wonder who my real parents are.

Dad: We are your real parents, your adopted parents are coming to pick you up.

i asked my mom if i was adopted she said no why tf would i adopt you and i said im gonna kill my self and she also said make sure you do it right this time