Wen you run over a speed bump in a school zone and you remember that there are no speed bumps.



Two men are in a rainforest and one of them is peeing. Suddenly a snake jumps out of some bushes and bites the man’s penis. The other man says, “ Oh my God, I will go to a doctor immediately!”. He didn’t have enough time to load the man into the car so he went straight to the hospital. The man told the doctor what happened and the doctor said, “You will have to make an incision at the wound and suck the poison out. The man wen back to the other man and said, “ There is no hope, you will die.”




question: what did the fish say wen he swam into a wall?

Answer: Dam



what do you get wen you goblin with a shark


Yo so small that wen you go the doctor he doesn’t no you there


some troll w bad jrammer

wen im sad i cut myslef…A PICE OF CAKE!!




Whats the difference to A komikaze an bin ladin binLadin survived wen he went into a building i have aids



wen you are stresing from home work just do some skatbording and kick but.



What Do you do wen you see a wenner dog I like you wenner

Jack and Jill


jack and jill went up a hill to smoke weed jack and jill got high and jack ripped jills close right off her then jill ripped jacks close off jack wen they were fully naked they started to kiss but jack stoped jill said i know you wana jack said no but jill jumped on that candy stick any way jack gave in to jill. jill got off then let jack suck her candy stick jill sucked on jacks candy stick

Jack and Jill


jack and jill went up a hill so jill could lik jacks candystik but jill got a suprise wen she saw her borfiend rik he got so angre jack has no candestik no more jill went home whith a black i and rik got arested for cuting jacks candystik



Wat happen wen u suck

u succ


Just wow wtf

A man comes in to the pharmacy to get a flu shot. The pharmacy nurse prepares one of the shots. The man gets the shot and the nurse cleans the shot area. The next day the man comes back and gets another shot. Before he paid the nurse said, “Don’t you realize if you get another shot you may die from overdose?” The man said, “Don’t you realize if you don’t shut up I’ll give you a shot of lead?” The nurse got scared and quit her job. The nurse was relaxing looking for a vacation to book when all of a sudden she hears an odd noise. It sound like someone cocking a gun. The man was hiding behind the nurses bushes. “In return for you giving me shots here are yours.” Said the man as he was chuckling like a psycho. The man shot the nurse in the leg so she couldn’t escape, then he shot her left hand which is the ladies dominant hand so she couldn’t call the cops. For the finishing move the man curb stomped the fucking life out of her until her head was as flat as paper. 9 years later… All along this man, this psycho escaped a mental hospital. He wen’t on mass genocide killing 20’000 people in just 3 years. This man is more than human. More than alien. More than god himself…,. It was satan reborn.


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wen do you take a cow to the moves on a mooooday