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So I ran into a woman the other day who says her vaginas is like a lottery ticket. She said it's because you have to be lucky to hit it... I thought it's because she was always scratching it.

me: "comment if you love yourself and give me a reason" friends: comments give reason me: "notice how i commented nothing day later mom: let me see your tik tok me: shows her the video mom: calls suicide JK she just beat me for posting a video on her

Why did the basketball player not get on the bus? Because he couldn’t be caught travelling! 😂

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What do you say to a ugly girl who claims to have been raped?

“Are you sure you didn’t rape him”


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if you have a teacher who is a Karen comment what the worst thing that they did to u or ur entire class I know this ain’t a joke but why not

Hey guys how was ur day? If you ask me the same question heres the answer, depressing. I still haven't made any friends on this app. All I do is read and comment on old, D.K, freshfry, ALYA's "Jokes" or opinions.

Hello I am Sflugo. I am opening the Pro Orphan Joke Club because a lot of people are sating to get rid of them but we say NO. If you want to join comment and say. #SaveOrphanJokes

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When a girl was having an aszma attack ariana said just keep breathing an breathing an breathin!!!!!

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I came I across a pic of the oldest man on earth on ig , he was 132 years old. I commented age is just a number for him now I'm banned.

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