Me:Sister STOP STEALING MY STUFF OR I WILL MAKE U FEEL BAD Sister:No I wont stop Me:Fine im telling the world what u did Sister:What you will see when i post it Sister:WHY DID U TELL THEM I PEED ON SANTA CLAUS WHEN I WAS 12 YEARS OLD ME:BECAUSE U DON´T HAVE A LIFE

Watches sad movie with family

Everyone else: Crying

Sister: How aren’t you crying?

Me: I have no tear left to cry…

I was going home and 3 guys came up to me. An Italian, black, Spanish. They said you should be a proud brother your sister knows her meats, I didn’t know what they were talking about. They said sister won a trophy you will see it when you get home. I went home my sister said look I won a trophy by knowing my meats. I said what do you mean well 3 guys blindfolded me and I gave them a blowjob each one of them, and I guest which flavor was it. I was right all the time that’s how I won my trophy. Has a big brother I couldn’t be any prouder.

My sister just sits on the toilet on the iPad then I go to do something at the sink and she says Bella give me toilet paper 🧻 Then I am 😑 annoyed like super

My sister says DAD and repeats and this is my dad WOULD U STOP me 😑

So one time I was looking up the definition of accident because I was a little dumbo and didn’t know what it meant. Then my sister walks up behind me, and points at the word and says, “That’s you!”(meaning that I was an accident) A few minutes later, we had a big family meeting and my dad said to my sister, “Sweetie, you were an accident. We didn’t mean to make you. But we still love you with everything we’ve got.”

My sister never talked to me again and left the house. She was 17 when she left. Seriously, 17-year-olds just never mature, huh?

I was at a friends place yesterday, and… There was A mother, father, three sons, and a daughter.

That night the mother and father started fucking each other. I yelled and told them there are innocent children in this house.

An hour later they started up again. I walked to their room and they were asleep. So I looked in the brothers room and all three brothers were fucking the sister.

I sighed at this. “Incest aside. You guys make a cute family.” I started, “So Anna, when am I gonna have nieces and nephews?” They stopped instantly and went to sleep. “Thank you.” I replied before walking back to my room they let me sleep in and I passed out for the rest of the night.

Today I Asked My Sis To Take Out The Trash And I Shoved Her Outside

How do you circumcise a redneck?

You kick his sister in the jaw.

So my sis thinks she’s so smart she said you can finish this move ten minutes later go to sleep

when your sister asks to entertain her, you dont!

Cow A:I slept with your sister

Cow B:Never knew my brother was a girl

all the other cows:


Cool kid:I slept with your sister Me;Never knew my brother was a girl Everyone else: :O

He said he didn’t want to be my brother anymore he’s now my sister

My sis is very funny her fave joke is Nock nock who is there mr nobody mr nobody I just told you

So I told my sister want hear some jokes and she was like hit me with best shot fire away and I was like okay I know ur singing and old song yeah I was trying to see if u sing too and I said who do u think I am Chris brown Hi

My pathological cheater of a sister wanted to play a board game with me. I turned her down because I didn’t like the Risk involved.

What do you say when you sisters annoying you

Go oasis ( go away sis)

My sis came up to me and said " mom told me to take the trash out for the rest of the year " “so uhh you free tomorow?” 😂

today I told my Sis knock knock and she said who’s there and I said I Eat eat my mop and she said I eat mop poo instead of who