Q/what do you call an elaphant that isnt important? A/My sister

when ur excited to finally see ur sister, and then u realize shes wearing ur cloths

Today I Asked My Sis To Take Out The Trash And I Shoved Her Outside

My sister got mad when i rold her this joke about say this word 10 times and she got in trouble and it was a funny word that she did not even no what she was saying ahhahaha 😆 lol

I call my sister a “fat cow” and she asks me, “Want to hear a joke”? I say, “Sure”. She says, “You are the joke”.

How do people in Alabama get circumcised? you knee your sisters jaw…

when you accidently choke your girlfriend to death and then realize that its your sister so who gives a f…k

I ask my sister to get me a cup of fruit punch. I realized she was taking a bit so I walk to the kitchen and noticed that she spilled it on herself. I asked her how did you do that but there was no response.

Sisters Before misters I hope you get better I love you

Were u born on a highway cause that’s were accident mostly happen

He said he didn’t want to be my brother anymore he’s now my sister

when your sister asks to entertain her, you dont!

I was looking for my sister… I looked down at my feet and saw her.

Knock knock who’s there sister sister who my sisters ass

What is it about sisters who aregue

How do curcensize a redneck? Kick his sister in the jaw.