My sis is very funny her fave joke is Nock nock who is there mr nobody mr nobody I just told you



Your sister so ugly she made hello kitty say goodbye


Dark wolf

Sister:Hey sis how are you today?Me:Oh good you?sister:good cause i heard you finally got a good living life


Annoying sister. Kenya and Tenya.

Lenda: Hey can you help me with my homework…please?! Genda: Okay and if I do you won’t make a fuss about it! Lenda: I’ll try! 3 mins later. Genda: THAT IS NOT THE RIGHT ANSWER! Lenda: Then what is 90 million. Genda: WHA WHA!!! Lenda mocking her: WHA OH YEAH YOU ARE A TERRIBLE TUTOR!!! 4 mins later. Genda: What is the capitol of watchington? Lenda: Uh…Idaho! Genda being sarcatic: Yes…it is not the capitol of watchington…BECAUSE IT A STATE!!! Lenda: Oh you mean Iowa! Genda: UHHHHHHHHHHHH CUSS WORD!!! Lenda: U can’t help that I’m the smart one…okay sweetie now you go be dumb and I go be smart! LATER SISTER! Oh wait can you help me with my homework? Genda: NO! You the smart one so you do it!


Prankster comes again.

Hey amazing people! The Prankster is back! This prank was on my sister and her friends. (tbh I did not think she had friends.)

  1. I set out some snacks for them! Btw (I can’t be trusted).

  2. I gatherd some slapies.

  3. The things I gatherd where Tomatos, onions, milk, carrots, ice cream, and some dried out green beans! all that stuff! To the 4.

  4. I need the tomatos to make a sauce because I am going to put that with the ice cream, mix that up with the milk, yea yea it might look like a gross and nasty dish…WRONG!!! I am going to make it into a little snack…anyway we make that into a snack for her and her friends. The onions are used to make their eye’s cry and burn but I will give them a towl after that. The dried out green beens are just to make them go over the top and overreact because I did not cook them. After that we make it like its not so iky!

  5. I feed it to them! They overreacted! Please leave a comment. Byee!



This is what the unknown guy is saying about Tenya and Kenya! Go to each link and Read it and the comments and will really make U cry! U think gwen is the worst one to get bullied will look at this!



I was walking down the streets with my parents and my sister, my mum said "step on a crack break your mother’s back" I stepped on a crack, my sister has been in the hospital ever since



Why did the mights laugh when they run?

The grass tickled their balls😅😂🤣


Lovely perv

What a day yesterday was I got a promotion and my sisters killer was hit by a bus now I’m in a cast!



my sis said only garlic and onuings can make u cry

so i throw a orang at her


Anonymous JC

my sister was hitting on my boyfriend im 11 shes 9 she said go ur self so i said : “ok thanks for the idea”


A riddle joke

Little red riding hood has to deliver food to her gramma again. She can drive now because she is sixteen. One the way, she accidentally took the wrong way and got to a different forest where her gramma lives now. She found the wrong cottage that looked liked her gramma’s home. When she opened the door, she found her younger and older sisters of ages 9, 11, 18, and 22. How old is Little red riding hood?




If you fuck your sister in front of a redneck, are you appropriating their culture?



My mom show me that she could deep throat a banana. I ask how you know how to do that. My mom said I practice on your step father.


Nazi karen

How do you know that your sister is on her periods? Your dads dick tastes wierd.


Kyle futrell

If anyone gonn be fuckin my sister it’s gonna be ME!



Kenney lost his virginity to a $10 hooker but he only had to pay $5. She was his sister so her got the family discount.


Mechanical Manic

A young boy is in a tepee with his father, just after his sister’s naming ceremony. Curious to how it works, he asks his dad, "Father, why is my sister’s name Tulip?" His father responds, "That is her name because a tulip was the first thing she saw when she first opened her eyes." The boy was still puzzled. “What about big brother Sparrow?” "His name is Sparrow because a sparrow landed on him when he first began walking." The boy finally asked how he was named. "Well, we decided to name you the same way as your sister." The boy nods with understanding, “Thank you, father.” “No problem, Two-Dogs-Fucking.”



So I was watching tv right? then i f…ing got banged in the eye with either a remore or metal tongs “wtf”



My sister’s name was Philma. We were unfortunate enough to have the last name coochie. Let’s just say no more virgins were at that school.