Sadness Jokes

A depressed kid takes a drink of water and someone takes it and takes a drink. "Oh come on, the train stopped, the rope broke, I couldn't get on the building, the gun was empty, the knife was dull, the bridge was too low and the cliff was non existent and now you took the poison !"

my son is such a miserable brat, I bought him a brand new trampoline for christmas and all he wants to do is sit in his wheelchair and cry.

My girlfriend told me she’s sad because she’s put on a bit of weight I told her to keep her chins up

I met a baseball player , so I told him to make a home run , and he just looked at me with sadness I don't know why

By the way he was an orphan

Why did your daddy not come back with the milk? Because u had no dad because ur dad never loved u

You look at it you tug on it like a shoe string play with it like elastic bubble plastic but it still never grows

Friend 1 : how come when you say apart your lips move apart but when you say together they move apart? Me: maybe your lips want a divorce

Papa: Johnny Johnny Johnny: Yes Papa? Papa: Open wide Johnny: HAHAHA Papa: *unzips pants* Johnny: *crying* No Papa


I've sadly received a rejection letter from NASA. Strangely, it says there's no space on their training programme.