Y do orphans have 363 days in a year

because they don’t have a mother’s of farthers day

Why can’t orphans play baseball?

They can’t find home

Why was the orphan walking through the neighborhood? Idk either it’s not like he has a home to go too.

Once, a mother worked in an orphanage as a cooker. She had a son, and a daughter. Twins. When she was going to her work, she decided to take the twins with her. They we’re happy, they got ready and played with other children while their mother was cooking for other kids. Then, a poor family entered the orphanage. They said they wanted to adopt twins. As soon as they saw the children playing, they notice the womans kids. They said they wanted to adopt them. The manager said they weren’t orphans, but before he said it, a teacher accidentally gave them to the poor family under the names of Layla and Logan. The kids we’re Kyle and Kayla. They went away with their new children, but the kids cried, they said they weren’t orphans and that their mother was in the orphanage, cooking. The poor family didn’t believe, they thought it was the children’s reaction of getting adopted. The woman went outside of the kitchen, she didn’t see her children. She asked the teacher… And when she found out, she screamed and ran outside. She was running at the poor family, when they thought she was a psychopath and wanted to kill them. When Kyle and Kayla looked back, they saw their mother. They swinged their hands so the poor family could let them away. They ran to their mother and hugged her. The poor family got shocked and called the cops. But the mother, she showed the documents and her parent rights. This all explains the worst joke, Yo Momma Lost Ya.

Why can’t orphans play baseball?

Because they don’t know where home is.

Q: What do you call an orphans family tree?

A: a Stump

Why couldn’t the orphan use the swing, because they had no arms.

Why can’t orphans play at a McDonald’s play place? They don’t have parent supervision.

New Teacher: I was an orphan as a kid.

Students: OOF

Teacher: Is anyone missing.

Students: Your Parents


Y can’t orphans play baseball because they can’t go home

What do you call a virgin from Alabama?

An orphan

Why can’t orphans play baseball?

They can never find home

why do orphans only buy iphone xs d because it has a home button

Why don’t orphans work as computer repair technicians?

Because they can’t find the motherboard

Why cant orphanes play basball? because they have no home

why cant an orphan have sex. Because they cant call them daddy

Why is it so easy to bully an orphan. What are they gonna do tell there mum

Why can’t play baseball. Because they can’t run home

why can’t orphans eat a big bag of chips? They are family sized