Orphan Jokes


I was the second worse thing to happen to those orphans


Why didn’t the orphan play baseball? Because I took the bat and swun it at their kneecaps and now they can’t run, what are they going to do tell their parents

Anonouymous Kid

As siblings we always joke about being adopted it stops being funny when your playing in your parents room and find both of your adoption papers

ur mom

whats the differences between a orphan and a apple… an apple has a family tree

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What does Pikachu and a orphan have in common? Pikachu, I choose you!

Alex downes
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What is a orphans favourite toy. A boomerang because it comes back

Why can’t an orphan play baseball? They don’t know where home is

Arthur aka ben

Why can’t orphsns play baseball

Because they don’t know where home is


I saw an orphan take a selfie… oh man that was one alone family photo.


Why did the orphan cross the road? To reunite with his parents


Girl come hear my parents aren’t home orphan mine are never


Ok guys I think we should stop being mean that will tell their grandparent’s


what do you call your dad

you dont hahahahaha nickher but hole rape

Camden @camobra on tiktok

Why can’t a orphan play kick ball be cause the can’t hit the home plate


Why do orphans eat their cereal dry? Their dad hasn’t came back with the milk


I made a website about orphans…

It didn’t have a home page!


what do an orphan and a blind person that is the same they both cant see there perants


What did the doctor say to the orphan?

“I can’t help you with cancer, I’m a family doctor”


You do orphans love doing crime?

Cuz they want to be wanted


What do you do when your bored? I beat up orphans What are they gonna do? Tell there parents?