Q: What was the orphans first phone? A: The iPhone X because it had no home button

Why can’t orphans play baseball?

Because, they can’t find home!

why did the kid go in the guys van

answer: he thought he was being adopted

What flour do orphans use when baking? Self-Raising (Rising)

Why can’t an orphan play baseball. Because they can’t find home

Chuck Norris used to be an orphan

Because some families were too scared of his bravery to adopt him

what do you get when you cross the terms homeless and abandoned?


orphans will eat toes for food

Me:hey I’m your mom orphan:yay you came back me:sike

What is an orphan’s favorite event


Why is a orphan favorite game monopoly? because it can actually buy a house

Why did an orphan kill ET To phone home

What is an orphans favorite toy. A mom a dad action figure

Teacher: Describe a penguin

Student: Black, White, Beak

Teacher: Good, now describe an orphan

Student: Sad, maybe depressed, No family

Teacher: Amazing, now describe a cow

Student: Brown bun hair, red shirt, white skirt, pantyhose, and dollar tree shoes

Teacher: No! How does that describe a cow?

Student: It describes you tho.

The orphan had to earn money because he didn’t have parents to give him/her and allowance…

What show does an orphan hate?

Family Guy.

Why Do Orphans Have An IPhone X? - Because There Is No Home Button.

If Jeffy goes to a orphanage he will die how is he supposed to move

Man: oi dude why did you shoot the orphans!? Other man: because Man: because why!? Other man: because who are they gonna tell their parents?

kid: dad, whats an orphan? dad: