How do you make a orphan’s hands bleed?

You tell them to clap till they’re parents come home

whats your favorite place that orphans cant go to? Home

Why did the orphan become a prostitute? They wanted somebody to call daddy

Why can’t orphans play baseball, because they can’t find home

Person: Where’s your mom and dad?

Orphan: :(

Kid: I fucked your mom

Orphan: Whats a mom?

Why can’t orphans play baseball? Because they can never find home.

Why can’t orphans play baseball? Because they don’t know where home is.

One orphan said daddy chill I was like you don’t have a dad

Mom:i was an orphan once,The kid:oh ok idgaf,Mom:and ur gonna be too! :),The kid:ok idga-WAIT WHAT THE FU-

Why can Lohan’s play baseball bc they can’t find home

why cant orphans play baseball? because they can make a home run

Why cant orphans play baseball?

Cause they dont know where home plate is.

Why can’t a orphan play baseball Cause they don’t know where home is 😂😂😂😂😂😂

You cant put an orphan on house arrest if there isnt a house to arrest them to.

Why are orphans bad at baseball

They dont know were home is

What is it called when a orphan takes a family photo? A selfie

It’s April fools day. I’m gonna go to the orphanage and tell kids their parents are here to pick them up.

Why can’t an orphan play base ball??? He doesn’t know where home is

Why can’t orphans play baseball Because they don’t know where home is