Milk Jokes

in Orphan

Why do orphan eat cereal with water

Because dad never came back with the milk

Your dad
in Orphan

Why do orphans love drinking water? Because they have no milk to drink!

Yesterday, a guy threw a litre of milk at me.

How dairy!

in Orphan

Why do orphans have water with cereal? Because there dad never came back with the milk


Why did little Timmy dip the cookie in water? “ Because his dad never brought the milk.”

in Orphan

Q:Why do orphans eat cereal with water? A:Because their dad is shopping for the milk.

in Orphan

why do orphans eat cereal with water, because their dad never came home with the milk

dark jokes
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why did the Orphan eat cereal with water? Thar dad did not come home with the milk

Your Overlord

My dad still hasn’t come back with the milk. Now we are stuck eating dry cereal.


Why do cow milking stools only have three legs,

Because the cow has the udder!

in Orphan

Orphans always dip their Oreos in water? Hoping their dad comes back with the milk.

in Puns

My boyfriend came over today and stole my milk. How dairy.

Deer Boy
in Cow

Why dose a milking stool have 3 legs? Because, the cow has the utter one.


What if soy milk is just regular milk trying to introduce itself in Spanish?

in America

What’s the difference between America and a bottle of milk? – In 200 years the milk will have developed a culture.

Insert Name Here
in Dark Humor

i have a stepladder. my real ladder left for milk and never came back.

in Orphan

Why do orphans have water with their cereal? Because their dad never came back with the milk.

ya boi

guy spills milk on a me i say " it’s OK we all make mistakes sometimes but apparently your mom made a big one

Cow Like You
in Animal

A farmer walks up to his farmer neighbor with a jug of milk. the farmer says “I milked your cow”. the neighbor replies “i have a bull not a cow”

in Milky Way

Where do astronaut cows go to get milk? The milky way! 😂😅