why did stephen hawkins die

he lost internet connections

What do you call a Mexican that lost his car?


I like men like I like money, always getting lost under my bed.

What Happens When You Get Caught On Fire? —You Lost To Slmebody When You Were Playing Hide And Seek And The Place Where You Got Caught Was Exactly On A Patch Of Fire.

I lost my job making storage units for the police after a week, guess you could say it was a brief case

I tried to find my watch I lost last week but I didn’t have the time

Steven Hawking lost the wifi connection on March 14, 2018.

What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor? Wheres my tractor!

The reason Steven hawking died is he lost his internet connection

i lost my virginity once and found it in a store being sold off

the columbine high school basketball team hasnt been the same since they lost there 2 best shooters

Imagine if you were an Arabic person shopping at Walmart with your son. Now imagine he got lost and you had to start calling out his name.

…Now imagine his name is Allahu Akbar

My friend David lost his ID. Now he is just Dav.

Stephen hawking lost connection to the WiFi

I lost my luggage at an airport once. I sued the airline, but I lost the case…

A girl named Rebecca was friends with a guy called fi. One day Fi hit Rebecca and Rebecca lost service. Rebecca said to Fi “Why-Fi”

I don’t like it when people make jokes about 9/11, because we lost 19 great patriots that day.

lost my job at the bank on my very first day. – A woman asked me to check her but on the cliff, so I pushed her over because i lost my balance

how did stephen hawking die he lost internet connection

Why can’t Americans trade with other countries, we lost the trading center