Last Word Jokes

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What was Brian Cant’s last words before he died?

“I used to do it, but now I cant!”


What were Stephen Hawking last words?

Windows turning off


I will always rember my dads last words…

oh wait i’ve never them.


i remeber my grandma last words what are you doing with that axe

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What is a bus 🚌


Captain of the Titanic: ‘where’s all that fucking water coming from?’.

my son

i remember my sons last words: i stubbed my toe

I still remember my dads last words you cunt you let the ladder go you cuuunt smack he hit the grond and bled out

my son

i will remember my classmates last word: ahh my pens ink spilled on my computer


I will always rember my dads last words… Oh wait i’ve never heard them


What were Stephen hawkings last words the Microsoft shut down sound

Morbid Shiz

Famous last words. Twin towers: “is it a bird, is it superman, AAAAAHHHHHH SHHHHHIIIIIIIIIZZ”

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I still to this day remember my grandpa’s last words.



i will all ways remember my granpas last words after robing a bank O SHIT THE PIGS ARE CACHING UP but the cops did not kill him he drove full speed of a cliff


duck!! where??


What were Stephen hocking’s last words?? Error, error, error System shutting down


what were stephen hawkings last words

the windows XP log out sound

Dead Pear 69
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I will tell you a story. There was a fruit named Pear who was named Dyck. He one day met his friend Carrot, who was later killed after being stuck into some girls vagina. Pear then became very sadistic and no one loved him and he became mentally fruit-pressed. One day he met a Banana named Harvey Weinstein and they got married and had children who were all named minion. Eventually the rest of his family died and pear was left slowly rotting away. His last words were “I have finally ‘peared’ the consequences of all my actions.”