What where Stephens last words “battery low”

I can barely remember the last words my uncle told me

let go of my nose

I’ll Never Forget My Grandfathers Last Words “STOP SHAKING THE LADDER YOU LITTLE CUNT!”

I still remember my dad’s last words "don’t worry son, Allah will be pleased"

a mom cows last words were to the mom cows son they were you are then died the son though that he was adopted but then 3 years later the mom cow rose from the dead and said to her son that she was going to say you were adorable then she died once more then 2 years later she rose from the dead for the last time to say to her son and that’s why we adopted you.

I could never forget my grandfathers last words. “Stop shaking the ladd-”

I will always remeber my dads last words… “15 dollars and ill jump.”

I remember grandpas last words “oh shit it’s in drive”

I’ll always remember my Dad’s last words before he died on 9/11…

Allahu Akbar!

I will always remember my uncle’s last words, “What’s The Shovel For?”

I will remember my biker buddies last words ¨Why did you cut in front of me¨.

Famous last words: I COULD EAT THIS IN ONE BITE!

grandfathers last words :Stop shaking the ladder you cunt Grandmother last words : you know how to use that hammer Dads last words : Always aim before you shoot that gun Moms last words :Turn of the stove when you’re done My last thought : am I a murder

I only remember my fathers last words before he died. He said, “Are you still holding the ladder?”

I will always remember my grandpa’s last words. SHIT, THE LADDER IS FALLING!

What was Stephens hawking last words? I’m lagging

What were Stephen Hawkings last words? Error

I remember my uncles last words: “I don’t think were going shooting today.”

Me and my grandpa went on a road trip and he died that was the last thing we did together and I will never forget his last words “WAKE UP YOU DUMBASS”

my grandpa died in 9/11 i was told his last words where Allahu Akbar