Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker is like Heath Ledger if he overdosed on prescription drugs… Oh, wait. He already did.

Why is a deck of cards similar to a miniature pony? They are both jokers.

Why’d the chicken cross the road?

That doesn’t matter, we need to get the best joker to go back to posting here, he was funny but now people say they are him and ruin his good name, he was the top of the charts for over a year, so screw all these chumps! Bring back THE REAL SPECIAL!!!

also, the chicken dies in the end, ha ha, funny, whatever.

A joker held the door open for me the other day. It was a nice gesture

what did the joker say to harley quinn? nothing

I saw a cat it said raisin when he saw a nut hahaha I am a crappy joker put me in the nerd club

Wish jokers

Joker: How did the skeleton know it was going yo rain?

Person: Because he felt it in his bones?

Joker: He read the weather forcast you f*cking idiot.

The QUEEN is JACK! KING off the JOKER!

I Know What Your Thinking Pervert, Actually The Jokes About a Jester in Drag. OK I’m Joking, The Queen Cheated on the KIng with the Jester.

JACK smoked some shit in the casino bathroom, Then fucked a slut, Played some slots, Took some shots, then shot a JOKER

It’s a sad story, because JACK killed himself But he died with a smile