Boi Jokes

Boi you can't be talking because it someone punched you in the face you will be the one to apologize

My friend talking to fat boi : I can order you at McDonalds’. Double Big Mac triple quarter pounder cheese burger

Boi your the reason the great wall of China is a thing. You so ugly the Chinese needed to block you out


When you have to fight an emo kid but he brings his friends so you gotta fight the suicide squad. But you gotta get da bois to help you

One time, me and the bois got drunk and we were on the freeway...

...when the road was closed because a wild animal species named β€œThe Cult” was on the loose

A boi found a magic vase and a genie came out and told hiM he had one wish the boy said I wanna be like Batman the genie said ok your wish is granted the boy Came home later that day and his parents were dead