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Have you ever tried Etheopian food?

Neither have they…

I tried making an orphan baseball team. It sucked because they couldn’t find home plate

I tried to find a camouflage shirt but I couldn’t find one

I tried out some puns to make people laugh, but no pun in ten did.

Ever tried etheopian food? No? Neither have they

Ive been trying to find jokes about gouging my eyes out, bu i couldn’t see any

Place a man in a morgue, he’ll try to leave.

Place a doctor in a morgue, he’ll go to work.

Place a necrophiliac in a morgue, he’ll stay happy for a week.

An obese depressed mother is trying to tie a noose but can’t reach it so she calls her son for help a few minutes later son: there mother: where did you learn to tie such a good noose? son: dad showed me before he died mother: DAM HIM TO HE- slips and noose chokes her to death

I tried to think of how lighting works.then it struck me.

did you try the digital egg padlock? because it is very easy to crack the code.

Why is there no open hunting season on hippies ???

Have you ever tried to clean one ?

Stephen hawkings tried charge his phone and unplugged his life support

I tried to catch air one… I mist

I tried to catch air once … I mist

Why dont lesbians have sex in the morning. Have you ever tried pulling apart a grilled cheese

I was trying to poison santa, but he killed my dad and ate all the cookies! 😤

I tried to stick to one direction but then they started to shoot the gay bar…

what did the man say when he swallowed a clock and tried to go to the bathroom? WATCH OUT!!!

What did the kid with no arms get for Christmas? A pair of gloves! Nah, I’m not that mean, he’s still trying to open his presents.

I tried to catch fog yesterday…