Why did Steven hawking die, he lost WiFi connection.

God took away Steven Hawkins privlages

Man, I’m so sorry that Steven Hawking is dead he was such a good person. To bad it’s a stair case to Heaven and not a ramp

There’s a new horror movie about Steven Hawking

It’s called unplugged 🤣

How did Steven hawlkins die

He blew a fuse doing an update

how did steven hawking die? he rolled away and his charger unplugged

Steven Hawking lost the wifi connection on March 14, 2018.

The reason Steven hawking died is he lost his internet connection

Why does Steven hawkings only do one liners?

Cause he can’t do stand up

We all know Steven can’t post on here because he can’t pass the robot test

Have you ever stepped into Steven Hawking’s House?

Neither as he.

What is Steven hawkins favorite dance move? The worm

How did Steven hawking die? He forgot his log on password

Did you know why they added Alexa for Steven hawkins

There is a difference between my brother and Steven hawking, at least one of them do something

What was steven hawkins favourite drink

His dribble

IN 2011 Steven hawking said god didn’t exist in 2018 god said Steven hawking didn’t exist xx 😂😂

Does anyone know where I can get that picture that went around the internet of Steven Hawking looking at the stairway to Heaven and saying “Oh Fu-k”

What do Steven Hawkins and the wicked witch both have in common?

If you throw water over them both, they both die…

What’s the difference between steven hawkings and a baby - the baby is still alive’\