You know what’s impossible Steven Walking

whats steven hawkings other favorate song steve windwoods just roll with it baby

What did Steven Hawking say? Nothing

Why didn’t Steven hawking go to heaven? Because it was a stairway not a rampway

Steven Hawkings had a heart attack the year before his death.

They took him to pc world for repairs.

How would Steven Hawkins mom punish him as a kid

Power off his chair.

Steven hawking did not die he deleted him self

Steven Hawkins couldn’t take the stairway to Heaven he had to take the lift

why did Steven Hawkins go to hell

because he couldn’t walk the stairs to heaven

Recent attempts to defund Special Olympics have organizers scrambling to come up with more corporate sponsorship… targeted companies include:

Kleenex Depenz Bicycle Helmet manufacturers Velcro Shoe manufacturers Steven Hawkings Publishers

Steven Hawking died because he was to far away from the Wi-Fi router

What do you call steven hawkings on fire Hot wheels

Apparently Steven Hawkins was a stand up kind of guy

What happens when Steven hawking dies?

Take his I pad to cash convertes

Why did people bully Steven Hawkins?

Because he couldn’t stand up for him self

Whats steven hawkins favourite shampoo? Head and shoulders

Who is Steven Hawkins?

have you ever heard steven hawkings sing? “head, shoulders, wheels and frames wheels and frames”

where did steven hawkings go when he broke his leg? hospital or curries pc world

Steven hawking is the fastest footballer ever-he could just charge up the Left Wing