Karien: Mom, I don’t care if you’re dating a new guy, I want you and Dad to be together!

Daiana: Sometimes things don’t work out, like when it didn’t work between your father and me. Time to move on Karien.

Karien: Will I’m not moving on! I can’t believe you love someone else!

Daiana: Karien, just give him a chance. His name is Derek he loves cooking, cleaning, and anything that has you doing something.

Karien: That is so boring!

Daiana: Will just work with me please?

Karien: I’ll give you a day…24 hours mom!



Ok, so i know most or all of you guys hate me and thats fine. You guys most likey no me as a horrible person which idk where u would hear that from. And finally I am truly a good person u just need to know me better. The only reason I fought tina and jack was because i was trying to be nice to another guy. Then i relised what side i should have been. I’m pretty sure everyone on this hates me. Just im sorry and just forgive me. Alya, Tina, Jack, and someone else i think all are nice people they just stick up for each other and thats what i relised. So if you still hate me its fine ill be leaving this app soon maybe. Hate makes me sad even though i use it but i know what was wrong i want to join the good side so just give a chance. This was watersharky’s Apologies.



Someone said to me when it was winter it time for you to “chill out” I was like 👁👄👁


Ariana Grande

Hello I’m Ariana I’m looking for someone anyone wanna date me?




Best way to kiss someone is to lick inside thier mouth with you tounge a lot of times and they will really like it espacilly me!! - lizard kiss+ french kiss= SloBbY Kiss

Thanks for learn and getting advice

also dont be such a horny one


Arina Grade

Hello Anyone does online dating and needs someone? HERE I am!

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someone plz put Sex jokes on they’re my fav :D



HI ppl I really need a firend can someone plzz be my friend? Say in comments if ya will



when someone calls you say welcome to joes pizza abortion clinic your lose is our sauce.



say _______ is so flat that when someone hit them they got a paper cut



Why didn’t Trump help someone who can’t walk?

He thinks she should stand up for herself


Anonymous Cat

small word of advice:Don’t wait till next month or next year to do stuff with the people you love cuz they may be gone by then, you don’t realize but every second there is someone who dies and it just could be your loved one.

Little Johnny

The Aphabet

Little Johnny was in kindergarten and his teacher said, “okay everyone, Tomorrow you must come to school and recite the first three letters of the alphabet”. Johnny didn’t know the alphabet so he decided to ask his family. He walked in the kitchen to find his mom on the phone. He says, “Mamma, what’s the first letter of the alphabet?” His mom doesn’t notice him standing there and says, “If you don’t shut the fuck up right now-” So he goes to find his brother watching TV and he says, “Tommy what’s the Second letter of the alphabet?” His brother doesn’t notice him and says, “I’m Batman”. So He went to his Grandma who was knitting and says, “Grandma what’s the third letter of the Alphabet?” The grandma then realizes she left her biscuits in the oven for too long and says, “My biscuits are burning! My Biscuits are burning!” Satisfied with the answers given to him he thinks it over and goes to school the next morning. When his teacher come to Johnny she says, “Johnny what are the first three letters of the alphabet?” “If you don’t shut the fuck up right now” - Johnny "Who do you think you are young man to talk to someone like me that way?" - teacher "I’m Batman" - Johnny The teacher whups his ass and little johnny says, “My biscuits are burning! My Biscuits are burning!”

Later that day he understands what happened and can’t tell which was worse that he accidentally cussed to his teacher or that his family was ignoring him.



You know somebody has a fat ass when someone is standing between you and them and all you can focus on is that trunk.



if someone calls you just say this is peters abortion clinic and pizza restaurant were yesterdays loss is today’s sauce



Today was a bitter-sweet day… Bad news is my friend was assaulted, good news is I successfully sneak attacked someone!



im really bored can someone talk with me? nun of my friends are responding to me :(



What happen when someone shot the Hulk? He got gangryeen.



A woah man

Someone asked me my gender… I said woah man


Shelton Keith Teel

If Emma feel had a penny every time someone gave her header she she would have enough to make Mark Zuckerberg and trump her third legged bitch.