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~On a winter day many play. Some with snow, and I with ice Used as a device to slice Somehow im colder now~

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Why can’t orphans play baseball Cuz they can’t find home base


What game did Al-Qaeda Play With The Twin Towers On September 11th 2001? Jenga.

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I know this is supposed to be emo joke but anyone wan’t to play Rocket League? I’m on Ps4 by the way! My Name: Box3d_by_Clapped

Quandale Dingle
in Little Johnny

One day, little Johnny was playing with his toys and looked out the window. He saw the neighbor’s kid laying face-first in the grass. Not breathing. Little Johnny continued to shoot his nerf gun at the neighbor’s big booty cheeks. No movement at all. After little johnny went to get a snack, he looked out the window again and the kid was gone. Little Johnny went to the neighbors and said, “I’m sorry to hear that your child has gone missing.”

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why can’t orphans play baseball cause they can’t find home

My mom and dad got home from a party pretty late. Why do I know? Because I was playing minecraft all night. Anyways, they get home and start fumbling up the stairs and being really loud. I could have swore I heard them fall down. I assumed they were drunk. I was just playing my switch when they come into my room. Now I’m about 10 at the time so I watch them get undressed IN MY FUCKING BED! I then just stare at them as they notice me before I witness anything. They say that they were doing “intense kissing” the next morning. I believe that at the time. But now I’ve been to health class. I now know the truth. I wish I hadn’t

funni boi
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why cant orphans play baseball?

They cant find home

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Why can’t orphans play baseball because they can’t find home

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Why can orphans not play baseball they can’t not hit

a home run

ya boy

why can’t Americans play chess

because they’re missing two towers


I was playing basket ball and a guy in a wheelchair asked if he could play.

I looked at him and told him that we are looking for ankle breakers yours are already broken.

Cristiano Ronaldo
in Orphan

Why cant orphans play baseball cause theres no home.

What is the diffrence between a apple tray and a orphan the apples get picked.

technoblade fan
in Minecraft

why don’t orphans play minecraft cause technoblade is on the platfrom

Anonymes poop

little Johnny likes to play with toy guns little Johnny paints them black little Johnny went to a gun store little johnny made a big mess the cemitary people were getting paid.


The two brothers were sitting next to each other. They played with planes all day long. They got to violent and now their sister(World Trade Center) stands there. The brothers were put up for adoption and the planes were given back to their owners.

Why are pedofiles good at playing guitar?

Because they are good at fingering A minor

deez ballz
in Orphan

Why cant orphans play baseball?

They cant go home :)


What is the worst animal to play cards with … a cheater