How many people can jump higher than a mountain? None. Mountains can’t jump.

Why are mountains 🏔 never serious?

Because they’re hill areas.

Why do mountains go to sleep a lot Because they are high

why do mountains contain things? because their moun tains

Yo mama so stupid… She tried to climb…


why did sally not save the mountain climber because it was here dad

what soda does mountains drink? mountain dew

why are hill billy so weird because there name is billy

what kind of mountain does everyone like? mountain dew!!! hahah

I have a daughter she’s a fan her name is penny… fan she was born on the mountain pen y fan I adopted her because her mum fell of the cliff after birthing penny. It doesn’t matter really penny’s mum wasn’t a big fan of her anyway

What did one mountain say to the other? Nice to peak you.

Two tourists climb a mountain that utters certain doom. One tourist falls down. The tourist that’s still on the mountain says"You ok down there?" The other tourist says"Can’t i just rest in peace?!"

Ever wonder why pandas are endangered? Well, China’s overcrowded, and therefore they’re starving. They have to eat…

Panda: “My god. They’re coming! Run! They’re hungry! Run! Roll down the hill!”

Chinese People At Bottom Of Mountain With Spears: “Ching chong wing bong KABOB!!!”


why are mountains so funny because there hills ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha very funny

Climb high climb far Get high get far

why do mountains are very cold. because they are very cold.

what are mountains so cold?? your muom lol