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Why don’t mountains catch colds? They wear snow caps.

Whats the laziest mountain

Mount Ever-rest

Three kids one day found a magical slide. There was a sign next to it saying, “what ever you wish for comes true once you slide down”. One kid stepped up and slid down, he wished for a river of chocolate, thus he swam in a chocolate river. The second kid slid down and wished for a mountain of money, he then landed in a pile of money. The third kid went down and said, “Weeeeeeee”!

Why are mountains allways tired? Becose they don’t Everest

Why are mountains so funny? – Because they are hill areas.

Jesus Christ said my faith can move mountains so Mohammed said my faith can move sky scrapers

what is the most dangerous mountain? kill-a-man-jaro

How are mountains able to see?

They peak!

What is a cow’s favorite drink?

Mountain Moo!

Why did Shawn suddenly fly to Mount Everest, leaving behind friends family and food?

Someone told him that Shelby coming round the mountain.

Your momma so dumb, she tried to climb Mountain Dew.

A physicist, an engineer and a programmer were in a car driving over a steep alpine pass when the brakes failed. The car was getting faster and faster, they were struggling to get round the corners and once or twice only the feeble crash barrier saved them from crashing down the side of the mountain. They were sure they were all going to die, when suddenly they spotted an escape lane. They pulled into the escape lane, and came safely to a halt.

The physicist said, “We need to model the friction in the brake pads and the resultant temperature rise, see if we can work out why they failed.”

The engineer said, “I think I’ve got a few spanners in the back. I’ll take a look and see if I can work out what’s wrong.”

The programmer said, “Why don’t we get going again and see if it’s reproducible?”

What do you call a mountain of kittens?

A meowtain.

Why do mountains get so big?

They have no natural predators.

my cock lmao

How many people can jump higher than a mountain? None. Mountains can’t jump.

Why are mountains so funny-- because they are so high

why does my dad hate me ? really please tell me im tired of the constant abuse and pain.

why are hill billy so weird because there name is billy

why do mountains are very cold. because they are very cold.