why did Sarah fall off the swing… she had no arms…what did aaah get for Christmas ?? I dunno, she hasn’t opened it yet… knock knock… whos there…NOT SARAH

Your mom.


your mom’s asshole

Beau Ruse is Gay

no n.....

morbidity the story of my life in one joke

whats the grossest thing ever? A bag of dead babies whats even more gross? The bottom one is still wriggling

today i explain what things are fake. serial killers, clowns, billy, fairies, your life,God,Jesus,your mom, and all your crappy fan-fictions about being saved from your even crappier life.

I’m also gonna explain real stuff, youtube,your dad,scientists,teachers,God,Jesus, and Billy.

stuff on both is real and fake depending on who you are. Your life IS fake.Alot of idiots will read this.

why is the disease lung cancer never hungry, Because its eating on your lungs

Mrs. Duncan knows where you live. She lives there too. In your basement… lolololololololololololololololololol

Why does God hate me? Because im a gay minority who fights for womens rights

What would good be if it was a place?It would be a desert because it had to many droughts!

an old man walks in a forest with a child and the child says its dark and im scared the oldman says how do you think i feel i have to walk out alone

what the different between a mother and a pigeon on does not eat there husband out.

There is a man and a women on a date.

The women asked what kind of things do you love.

The table starts to lift up on the mans side and the man says sorry.

your mama so fat that she doesn’t get crushed by cars, she crushes cars and babies in strollers on the sidewalk when she falls and doesn’t see any remains so there is no evidence.

ok so basically im monky.

Why Did prices Dyana cross the road? She wasn’t wearing a sheet belt.


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