Milk Jokes

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what is the difference between your dad and a boomarang. The boomerang comes back


I went home to my girlfriend, with milk! She said, "Oh thank you honey!"

Then I got a call from a girl named Melissa. She called and said, "Steven, where the hell have you been? It's been two weeks and you still haven't come back yet?"


I think my dads gay bc he goes out with his mates to get milk but never returns


When I dunk my cookies in milk, I think of you. I hold them down until the bubbles stop.

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What do you call a cow that can't milk

A failure!


I went to a store to get milk but when I got home there was million cows waiting for milk so they killed me


yo dad went to get milk and still hasint came back 10 years later !!!!!!!!

Jeb bush

What's the difference between the twin towers and a cow?

You can't milk the same cow for 15 years

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Y do orphans eat cereal with water Because there dad never came back with the milk

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Why did the orphan cross the road Because he was tired of waiting for the milk

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"Why Are All These Orphans Here", Said Chris. " Because their dad went to go get the milk", Said MrBeast 3 Years Later, " I AM GIVING APPLE IN A SHARE TO EVERY ORPHAN IN THE WORLD AND IM ALSO GIVING EACH OF THE 1000000000000 DOLLARS.

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why did the orphan cross the road?

to finally get his milk.

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Why do kids prefer to spend more time with there dad than there mom?

They already know that there dad is gonna get " Milk " and never return


What’s the difference between 9/11 and a cow.

You can’t milk a cow for 15 years

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Why do orphans have water with their cereal? Because their dad never came back with the milk

I was going to tell my dad a joke but he still hasn't come back with the milk yet

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Why do orphans eat milk with cereal? Cause their dad never came back with the milk

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Why do Orphans have water with their cereal,

Because their dad never came home with the milk.