Laundry Jokes

Daniel King

Why can’t the employee tell dirty laundry 🧺 jokes?

Because they always come out clean.


Why is Martin Luther King so bad at laundry?

He won’t separate the whites from the colors…

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Why was the Chinese laundry joke not funny? It had no irony.

A young peasant coming from the field with his scythe on his shoulder notices an attractive young woman that was doing the laundry in a mountain stream, perched on some rocks near a waterfall. The guy stops and leans against his scythe, fascinated by the young girl’s beauty. After minutes of watching her, she loses her balance, slips on a rock and falls all the way down, crushing her head on the white rocks. Thoughtful, he puts his scythe back on his shoulder and walks away, saying to himself “Damn, another washing machine destroyed by limestone!”.

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Why is the day you do laundry, cook, clean, iron and so on called a day off?

Anynomous Prime
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How are laundry and michael jackson related? They both got bleached!

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how come orphans know how to do laundry cause thats usually the moms job

Haddox Dow Humphries

What’s the difference between your mom and your dad one leaves your life to go get milk and the other cleans up after you, feeds you, and does your laundry


I would rather do my own laundry not my uncle"s laundry because I ain"t no damn butler like Alfred from batman i don’t live in no damn batcave by Gotham tity.

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Wife:I think these pants are getting too small for me!

Husband: Dont worry, maybe you are just bad at laundry.