How many gay guys can u fit on a bar stool? Four just flip it over.

What do a coin and an Irish man have in common? They’re both fun to flip off.

I saw a bicycler flip over a gutter it was pretty grate.

How do you fit three gay guys on a bar stool? Flip it upside down.

The reason he died is that they accidentally flipped the wrong light switch.

Why did the chef flip a pancake? Because he was a tosser

There as soon as changed into an undergo and a rabbit and that they hated every other. The undergo and rabbit then stumbled upon a mystical talking tree. The tree stated: “i can provide you 3 wishes a bit if you will prevent combating!”So the bear went first. “I want all the bears inside the forest are ladies.” And all the bears within the forest become females.The rabbit stated: “I want I had a helmet.” Rabbit receives the helmet and the bear looks at him funny.The bear wishes: “I desire all the bears in the United States are ladies.” The desire became granted.The rabbit says, “I desire i’ve a bike.” by this factor the bear thinks the rabbit is the stupidest aspect he’s ever seen. The rabbit could want for cash and have all the bikes in the world.The endure says: “I want all the bears inside the world are woman.” The want is granted.while it’s the rabbit’s flip to wish, he places on his helmet, receives on his bike, and says: “I desire that endure is homosexual.”

three gay guy walk into a bar there is only one stool left, what do they do

they flip the stool over

How do you fit three flags on a bar stool? Flip it over

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