ED Jokes

Mr Big Fart

Ed is Ed in bed full of head.

in Baby

So there was 3 baby chickens and 2 mothers the first baby said “why am I named calf?” and the mother said “I f###ed a cow” then the second baby came up to it’s mother and it said " why am I named b##ch? " and it’s mom said "I f###ed a wolf and the final baby came to its mother and said “why am I named orphan?” And because it’s mother wasn’t there to see it this is what I have to say “because you are one you ducking hitch!!”


There once was a commie called Ed Usually known as Ned He went to bed Got shot in the head Unfortunately now he was dead

in Vegetable

What do you call a special ED class that’s flooded?

Vegetable soup.

Kameron Waldrep

What do you call a hot tub full of special ed students? Vegetable Soup


ed is dumb

in Vegetable

I don’t call it special ED, I call it mixed vegetables.