Me walking in to the office:
Principle: tell me what u did? Me: I told the special ed kid that the 4th story window was a end portal…

On Xbox live an orphan can say they f ed your mom so you can say at least mine didnt die from it.

Why don’t they teach sex ed and drivers ed on the same day in the middle east? Because they don’t want to wear out the camel.

We don’t have school shooters we have special ed breeches

I once had an owl hoo-ed think it would fly away?

An autistic woman walks into a bar. “A serving of Screaming Banshee, please.” she says. The bartender says “Ok, you seem to like it, unlike a retired special ed teacher that passed through a few minutes ago.”

What do you call a retarded fruit Mentally In-pear-ed

a bowman man walked into a throne room and he bow-ed to him

What do you call a giraffe without a bowtie? Neck-ed.

So there was 3 baby chickens and 2 mothers the first baby said “why am I named calf?” and the mother said “I f###ed a cow” then the second baby came up to it’s mother and it said " why am I named b##ch? " and it’s mom said "I f###ed a wolf and the final baby came to its mother and said “why am I named orphan?” And because it’s mother wasn’t there to see it this is what I have to say “because you are one you ducking hitch!!”