life’s too short to want it.

“Boom, quick; you have five seconds to give me three reasons to live.” “1…2…3 ……4…5…” Did you noticed you said nothing at all?

orphans are depressed hahaha

To whoever has my voodoo doll, please hold its hand.

Getting murdered by someone is probably the most intimate experience I’ll ever have.

There is nothing funnier than my life (Evan 2020)

roses are red my blood is too i see a lot when i lost u

What is the worst motivational thing to say to a depressed person?

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Only if Onions were emo, they’d cut themselves

To whomever stole my anti-depression pills, I hope your happy now

My favorite joke is my life

Whats a depressed persons favorite drink Depresso expresso Jk bleach

All my jokes are cys for help


I can hear the whole world booing me

I Am glass! People see right through me.

Lets make a joke on how depressing monday is to ignore how depressing everyday is.

Who works at IHOP? A girl with one leg. P1: Why did the chicken cross the road? P2: To get to the other side DUH?!? P1: No dumbass, its to get run over because he has depression, a chronic illness, and his father left him for a good for nothing pimp that doesn’t even give a shit about how he feels. (Kinda like me). P2: Holy shitr u ok? Some random eavesdropping fucker dials 911 in a hurry

What’s an Emo’s favourite drink?

Water, JK it’s cyanide

I sometimes want rampage, but what good would that do? I look for a way out, but there’s not even a light shining through. The times where all is dark, are the times that I need a mark. Though people say that nobody will care, the truth is: there’s always one who’s fair. That person may not be the one you expect, but I am here with a passion to redirect. Once there was a time where I tried to end it all, because I only looked on the dark side. Truth was I wanted to be heard, to be respected, to let someone know. But that was in the past and this isn’t about my dark ride, it’s time for others to know that only a few words, can extinguish a glow.

Why was the depressed man happy in food-tech?

He got to cut himself.