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“You’re da bomb!” “No, you’re da bomb!”

In America, a compliment. In the Middle East, an argument.

Q: Why do Norwegian ships have bar codes on them?

A: So when they come into port they can Scan-Da-Navy-In!

In Saudi Arabia, our pick up lines are, Girl are you a terrorist? Cuz you da bomb

What does Drake call his rake

  Da - Rake

The crocodile just kept saying no! He was in Da Nile!

my fav sex position is the mcdonalds

                        ba da ba ba ba YOU KNOW YOU LOVE IT

Why couldn’t anyone see the bird

Because it was in da sky’s

Why did the cowboi die wit his boots on?? He didn’t want to stub his toe when he kicked da bucket😂😂👌🏻👌🏻… knee slapper

Yo mama so fat she da iceberg

Yo mama so fat She da ice burg