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A brunette, a red-head, and a blonde are being chased by bandits. They are chased to the edge of a cliff and a genie appears. “I will help you escape,” says the genie, "say what you wish to turn into, and you will become that thing." The brunette jumps off the cliff and says “Hawk.” She turns into a hawk and flies away. The red-head says “Falcon.” She turns into a falcon and flies away. Now the blonde is alone and the bandits are getting closer. She makes her decision and backs up, then runs toward the cliff. And…she trips and says “Crap.”

                                                          The End

My dog kept chasing people on a bike. Eventually, it got so bad I had to take his bike away.

What did the nut chasing the other nut say? Imma cashew

Why did the chicken cross the road? To escape the hungry n..... chasing after him.

why did brandon’s mum chase him with a knife because he dident let her cum first

man in boxers leads police man on brief chase