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Do you know why you should never let a blonde handle grenades?

They’ll end up only throwing the pin.

Yo mama so FAT, she can’t handle files bigger than 4 GB.

Once there were these two fruitcakes driving in their Pink Porsche. “Oh this handles so well !” they exclaimed. Then this Mack truck came around the corner at their stop sign and rear ended them. Passenger said to his partner. " You tell that man he’s gonna pay every single cent cuz we’re going to sue him !" So the flamer gets out and swishes to tell the trucker to do that very thing. The trucker was a tough who said “What do you want wimp? " The gay said ,” You just hit our new Pink Porsche and we’re gonna make you pay every single cent cuz we’re gonna sue you!" The trucker said " Oh yeah ? Blow me ! " Gay driver went " Ohhh!" And ran back. Gay partner asked him " What did he say ?" His fruitcake driver said " Ohhh! Its wonderful, he wants to settle out of court !"

a man with no arms is tasked with a lot of jobs then he says to his boss, i cant handle all of this,.

Why people drink Starbucks because its to hot to handle!!!

I broke the sink yesterday the handle just blew right off! my dad was so mad he blew his stack!

Q: Why did the vegetable cross the road? A: Cause someone let go of the handle bars

I can’t handle these puns…

But I can HAND YOU some puns

budum tisss