Aka Jokes

EatDatPussy445 aka Deyione Scott-Wilson Eason aka Bryant Turman Emerson Moreland is a pedophile and he is in Las Vegas right now GOGOGO catch him

One day, during lunch, a Spanish kid came up to my other friend and asked her questions in Spanish, and when she was about to say something, I popped out and said “GO AWAY OR I WILL SUE YOU WITH BRIANNA’S SEVEN/7 LAWYERS!!!!(AKA, her seven/7 shoes.)”

Hey who thinks Gwen and Aiden are not Dating and who also thinks this dumb girl named "Zre" is being a dummy! and Who thinks gwen belongs with prince aka bf!

can u guys commet on my nuts jokes (aka willma, bofa, and savor) i just wanna see if ppl dont think its funny

i went in a swim in the river that crosses mexico and i seen a mexican aka a wet back swimming across i ask he said imma wetback

Myrtle Beach has a clear blue sky and sunny, a pleasant air to visit as a family. Don't you think they are not evil creatures and do you think they have them? "No, there are no gost or evil creatures." You can say that, but don't be surprised when Gina Claw Scare comes for you, aka GCS for short. Gina Claw Scare was born in North Carolina in August 1991. She died in 2000. No, that's not real. WRONG. Gina's real name was Gina Clawien Scaren. Yes, that's why her name is Gina Claw Scare. Why did she die? I know right? She died from a curse from her bad companions. We never knew their names. The curse sent her down a dark path, demons and hate comments from people on istagram, facebook and the worst jokes on the site.

Gina Claw Scare loved fire. Which means she was a pyromaniac. She would rise from the grave in which she was buried. Did what? Stop, for real this time! They buried her on a loan in the forest. That caught fire. "HARSH MAN!" I know right? She rises from that grave, she comes for the people who call her by name four times. Then she beat the drums and set your house on fire! A fire so harmful that you can feel hurt, friends. You can hear everyone's screaming. And then become like her. Never say her name. NEVER

2nd comments from Gwen in her bra.

Keie: Man Man man! I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

heyo: 👅🍑

Bari: STOP U FUCKIN PEDOS!!!!!!!!!!


Remera Karwi: Shut up! We jus tellin her she looks like a star no need for all that "crap"

Kenya Bailey: One guy put tongue and peach aka butt I know a little bit about oral sex my friend or not!