My wife and I have reached the difficult decision that we do not want children. If anybody does, please just send me your contact details and we can drop them off tomorrow.

Connor: Hi mom Mom: Connor: i forgot im adopted to 2 dads

A sibling went up to there other sibling and said “dad said your adopted” and the other sibling said “you are too” then the other sibling goes “no I’m not.” And the sibling says “we’re twins” and the other kid goes “and your adopded… oh.”

Mom why was I adopted? Because people are terrible and that’s how the world works son! Ok dad the world is TERRIBLE

why are orphans not allowed in stores?because else they would actually feel at home

I didn’t put my kids up for adoption

Should be good night and walk walk home 🏠

You can make fun of adopted kids all you want. What are they going to do tell their parents on you? Lol

I fucked ur girl

Roses are red… Orphanes are blue… I killed the preist so i could rape them to.

I adopted a dog. its gone now. At least homeless people in china are not starving.

my life

My will to live

A family had a very disobedient dog. it would bite the children’s hands when they pet the animal, the dog would piss on everything, and it would chew their shoes. This is why it was adopted.

Wanna know whats funny? Scott’s low joke standards.

How come Christmas 🎄 is one time? Because it is so nice

I can tell why the founding fathers adopted the constitution because no body likes it

If the dislecsex man wanted to adopt a kid then how could he sight the papers

What do you call and Orphan with no legs in an adoption center?

Answer: Who cares

Why did the turtle cross the road? We don’t know yet OOF dislike plz I have no life XD All of these jokes are DED sub to pewdipie