girl: hey. orphan; hi girl; wanna be friends? orphan: sure girl:ok and go ask your parents if we can have a sleep over

Your dad left you bc he went for milk*1000,000 years later* her*dad come back *him*FBI open up

Why do orphans like getting kidnapped? Because someone actually wants them. 🤣

One time my boyfriend and i where playing the tickle game and i tickle him on his thighs by accident and i said oh no i am died. Then he started tickling me on my thighs up to my vagina and then i moaned while laughing and told him "STOP pls" . Then he said "that's what i thought" and i was like you cheated he was like "you first did it". So he went to the restroom and pulled down his pants. Then i jumped on him and pulled his dick five times.And he scream and i quickly ran out and laughed then he rann to me and i screamed and he started eating my pussy and fingering me while i said "ok ok stoppp" and he stopped and start sucking my boobs and giving me hickeys while i said pls stop and then i pushed him off and he turned me around and put his dick in my hole and i said" owwwwwwww". Then he said" play with i'll fuck you up". I said ughh and slaped him.

One time me and my husband went to the store to go get our needs. then i needed the restroom and my husband followed me there and he told me to come in the mens restroom so i did. Then he toke off his close and pinned me to the wall lizard kissing me. And then he put me on the floor split my legs and put hid dick in there. His dick was long so it hurt and i said "oww" that hurts slow it down and he went faster and every time he did it hurt. then i turn around and put my fingers in his hole. Then a couple of men came and i said oh god then my husband and them laughed and pinned me to the ground. Then he unclothes me and one of them was kissing and licking my boobs and one of them was putting his tounge in my mouth. And a couple where taking turns putting there dick in my hole. I got up and and tell pinned me again to the wall and 2 sucked my boobs and the other two where taking turns eating my pussy. then one licks me from up to down and puts his finger in my hole and then in my mouth and starts sucking my boobs. Then they stop and i fall to the ground and they "laugh". Them i run to the girls restroom and throw up and cum. them my husband pulled me in there again and layed me down and started fingering me and putting it in my mouth. And all of them called me "mamas it fine slow it down". While i "moaned". and they all toke turns putting there dick in my mouth. And now i have twins and i don't know who's the dad.But all i know is that i have a taser,pepper spray, and pocket knife know.

Then the news says that there a group that make wives and rape them harshly.I was shock in fear.

Little johnny wakes up and goes into his mom and dad room and says "good morning mommy and daddy". Then goes into his big sister is room and sees his big sister and boyfriend having sex then he says "what is going on" and his big sister says" where making you a niece" and he says "yayyyy "loudly. Then he ask his mom "how do you make a baby" then his mom says its "where you put a orange and an egg plant together". And he says "OoOo cool" and he thinks of doing the same thing his sister did with her bf to his sister and says sister" lets try this" and his sister says i saw mom and dad doing it that and she starts playing with his dick and johnny ask "whats that hole on your butt "and then he says" it looks like this orange" and he put his dick in his sister is orange and she says "that feels weird" then little johnny tells his big sister and mother that he tried the same thing with is sister and his mom *sighs*.

I went to visit my friends sick grandpa. He was lying in a hospital bed connected to a lot of tubes. When I approached him he kept repeating "Nǐ cǎizhe wǒ de yǎngqì guǎn"

Suddenly right in front of me, he passed. Later that night I translated his last words, and they were "You're standing on my oxygen tube"