Stomach Jokes



Why can't people in africa have medicine?

Because you cannot have pills on an empty stomach

Dark Humor


Whybare there no pharmacies in Africa? Because you can't have medicine on a empty stomach.



yo hairline is so bad is looks like a fat persons stomach



Why don’t I shut myself all the time. I can only fit so many pares of kid in my mouth and stomach at the same time.


As a woman Why is your stomach bigger than your bums? 😒


Jalani Dorcoo

You look like a double dipped chocolate chip cliff flipped glazed charcoal slim jim Mr. clog hunch frap no feet 9 arms 17 stomachs you stepdad beat you with a wiffle ball bat NBA youngboy was in your bathroom spitting on you and now you got herpes on your left side cheek


They say the surest way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. But, I find going through the ribcage a lot easier.



Fatty told Skinyy "Do you have any food my stomach is empty and I haven't eaten" Skinny replied to Fatty "Well doesn't seem like you need food, you ate the whole universe instead"



My gf told me she was pregnant. So I punched her in the stomach. She asked me why the hell did I did that. I told her I wanted to let her know I’m pro abortion.



My gf told me she was pregnant. So I punched her in the stomach. She asked me "why the hell did you do that!?!?" "I wanted to let you yk I'm pro abortion."


jordan miller

my brother said bruh why you so ugly plus why do you stink. me: is that supposed to be a roast i got one for you. why do you look like you came out the wrong side of your mother in stead of her stomach you came out of her butt that's why you were born with brown spots on your head thats her poop you stupid fuckface. my friends: ouch thats got ta hurt.

Little Johnny

The pastor sees little Johnny sitting on the church steps. Little Johnny is fixated on something. The pastor looks closer and sees that Johnny is stirring up something in an old coffee can. He says, "What you got there little Johnny?" "This here is turpentine, the most POWERFUL liquid in the world.", says Johnny. The pastor shakes his head, sits down next to Johnny and says, "Now you know that's not true son. Holy water is the most powerful liquid in the world. One drop of holy water on a pregnant woman's stomach and the next morning she'll pass a baby boy." Little Johnny says, "Well that may be true. But one drop of this on a cats ass and he'll pass a motorcycle!"

Self Harm

whats the difference between my arm and my stomach???? my stomach isnt ripped



Why am I still alive? Pills give me stomache, blood makes faint, height frightens me...


Kill me pls

Why did the orphan start crying

Because his apple found a home in his stomach



Any body have nothing to do? Well here is a prank that you'll never forget!

( Btw I never actually did this irl yet)

So tell your parents at night to come in in about 30 minutes cuz your legs hurt and you need them rubbed. So when they come in, pretend like your sleeping and right before they go out shout: NO! Then they will look at you but you'll be sleeping. (The idea is that you'll be sleep talking.) Then you start to cuss and say the most random things like: Hey you can't chew my cud it's mine, plus, you even went swimming today at that damm lake! Also say something like: YOU SON OF A BITCH! *swat in the air once* Then say: Why a made your f*ckin' bed today you stupid parents! *swat three times* And btw try and not smile as hard as it may be cuz they will be looking at you weird. And try to open your eyes just enough so you can see them. And depending on the tipe of parent you have they may wake you up by then or they will get interested and start laughing! Any way, then say: That mother f*cker that lives across the street just said I was ugly, you should do something about it(sibling name) ______. And also say: And if you happen to know where the nearest store is then that would be helpful. Then say: No Hulk! Leave me alone I love you! *swat twice*. Then say: Uncle Timmy Tom you are such a nude nick.(my dad made up the word nude nick, it just means crazy and annoying ) Then settle down and lay on your stomach in your "sleep" and make it look like you putting the blanket on you more, but irl it would probably be to hide a smile! I think I will stop there cuz I don't think any one could hold in there laughter that long and if you feel like you can hold out longer then just make something up.

I hope you guys can do this and it goes well for you! Please comment! Byeee!


that girl

what do you call a fat man that has a stomach shaped like a egg? Humpty dumpty!!!!!!!!!


lily :)

Why doesn't Africa have pharmacies? Because you can't take drugs on an empty stomach.



Have u ever noticed When a woman is pregnant aII her friends touch her stomach and say “congrats” but none of them touch the man’s penis and say “weII done”