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Two kids were beating up a kid in an ally, so I stepped into help. He didn’t stand a chance against the three of us.

Cremation, The last chance for a smoking hot body.

You know when you sign up for something and it says im not a robot guess he never had the chance to tick that

So there was this kid being bullied by four other kids. I decided to step in.

He didn’t stand a chance against the five of us.

I saw a guy raping a girl in the park so I decided to help. She didn’t stand a chance against the two of us.

I saw a person raping a woman in an alleyway,i decided to help…she doesn’t stand a chance between us.

Baptism, a chance for the priest to bathe you.

Cremation: Your last chance for a smoking hot body

My friend and I were walking down the street and we saw this one disabled kid getting bullied by 3 other kids. Urgently, we sprinted over to help.

He had no chance against the 5 of us.

All my life I wanted to be somebody. I wanted to achieve something. Now, after messing up my life at every possible chance, I finally realize that what I really want is to have been someone after following through with one thing.

My chance of finding love

Cremation, the last chance to have a smoking hot body.

Your so lucky bullies don’t have a Chance to push you around any more ? They’ll get there’s when there in a wheelchair ?