How many people does it take to change a lightbulb underwater? The results are shocking.

I tried out some puns to make people laugh, but no pun in ten did.

Where are people sent to die

rosshall academy

People are like trees…

If you hit them with an ax multiple times, they’ll fall over

Don’t drink and park. Accidents cause people.

the only problem being short and gay is that when ever i try to tell people im top in my relationship they don’t believe me because im shorter then the person im dating like wtf

people say I should be proud of my autism but truth be told I’m only in it for the help in class

Teacher: What does a chicken give you? Student: an egg! Teacher: What does a fat cow give you? Student: homework!

“Why do people call Americans excessive?”

“It was probably because of WWII.”

“Oh you mean the war where America responded to the destruction of several ships and a harbor and the deaths of little over a thousand by completely flattening two cities and killing hundreds of thousands of people?”

What died on 9/11?

2,996 people.

I’d love it if you killed yourself, but Hitler killed himself and people still hate him…

why were the people in the twin towers upset? they ordered pepperoni pizza but instead they got plane

At weddings, old people poke me and say “you’re next!” So I do the same to them at funerals

what do you call balck people in pool coco pops

(Jokes for people with cancer) 1: I wish my cancer could kill me quicker so I don’t have to do this class anymore. 2: I’m dying, finally. 3: I’m sorry, I can’t go to your party because I’m expected to be dead by then. On a serious note, I might actually have cancer and I’m getting checks. I hope for the best :/.

Why do people keep saying why did the toilet paper not cross because it got stuck in the crack because it got stuck in their crack.

I hate it when people are at my house and ask “do you have a bathroom?” What answer Are they expecting “no, we pee in the yard”

Whats the difference between a black person and a white person

Black people dont shoot up schools

if i hung myself from a cliff would people call me a cliffhanger?

Orphan finds genie

Orphan:my first wish is to be Rich

Genie: of course

Orphan:my second wish is to be famous


Orphan: I wish my parents can come back Genie: I told you I can’t bring people back from the dead