Cunt Jokes

I will always remember my grandpa's last words: Stop shaking the ladder you cunt!

Why did God invent yeast infections? So women would know what it's like to live with an irritating cunt too

I asked my midget neighbour if he wanted a lift. He told m to "Fuck of!!!"! I thought what a cheeky cunt and zipped my backpack up and walked away.


Note to self.

When baking for the holidays don't Google creampies.

Google cream pie recipes.

Q:There was two tampons walking down the road the other day guess what they said to each other

A:nothing cause they're both stuck up cunts

A cock really has a sad life, he’s hairs a mess his neighbors an areshole his best friend is a cunt.

What is the difference between a hoe's birth Daddy and her pimp Daddy? The first daddy plants the seed in a cunt and the second reaps the harvest from the cunt.

What's strong enough for a man but made for a woman?

The back of my hand.

...two cunts were walking down the street. one was doing calculus, and the other one says, ' imagine me, a stupid cunt that can talk....