Garbage Jokes


Whats worse than five dead babies in one garbage can?

  • 1 dead baby in 5 garbage cans.
Depressed Onion
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The bible says to love your neighbors as you love yourself. So I treat everyone like garbage

What has four wheels and flies?

A garbage truck!


Ok so my brother mad this here it is

Knock knock. Who’s there? Chicken. Chicken who? Chicken garbage!

Ok I know it makes no sense but he made it when he was like 3.

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One day my mom told me to take out the trash and I did . The next day mom asked me where is your sister and I said a garbage truck took her. Mom started running to try and get the truck before it left

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I really want to beat the living daylights out of you but it’s not worth getting the wooden spoon for garbage

Yo mama jokes!!!!
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Yo mama so poor she chased a garbage truck with a shopping list


my dog went threw my bathroom garbage and for some reason my sister put a bunch of ketchup packets in there…

igloo and you

What’s worse than three babies in one garbage can?

One baby in three garbage cans

Burning Dumpster
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What has 10 wheels & flies? A Garbage truck.

D.D.Diva 23
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When you want to see and smell your ex for the last time,look at a ugly dog,and smell the garbage

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So I was playing on my phone and my mom said to go and take the trash out so I pick up my sister and threw her in the garbage bin and said”mom told me to” and when I came back in my mom said not to do that every again but then I told her that she says not to lie so I was doing the right thing👍


There are 3 men: an American, a French and an Italian who have to take a trip and take the plane. The American puts his hand out the window and says: “We are in America, I touched the Statue of Liberty”, the French says: “We are in France I touched the Eiffel Tower”, the Italian says: “We are in Italy, I touched the garbage!”


Helen Keller threw the garbage out and broke a vehicle.

Jerry :P
in Yo mama

yo mama so old on her birth certificate it said expired yo mama so fat when she sat non a rainbow skittles popped out yo mama so fat when she sat on walmart the prices went down yo mama so poor she chases a garbage truck with a shopping list yo mama so ugly she made the deviel go to church

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What has four wheels and flies? A garbage truck

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What time is it when you smell garbage 🗑? Time to run 🏃

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POV: your at school and you just enjoy your day. Now once you found a bully and he said “i will burn you in fire” then u just punched him Out the school and got detention. You escaped and walked home but the bully came and ROASTED you. He threw you in the garbage but you took off his cloths and even underwear. You escape the bin and took a shower and had a good day after

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There was a cheerio that had a job, he worked hard at it and the boss came up and promoted him to the vice president of the cheerios. So he needed a speech, he kept practicing and practicing and know he was thirsty. it was almost time for his speech. so he went to the drinking fountain but there was a huge line. So he went to the lake but he saw tons of garbage, and what he thought was a cereal killer. so he found this bowl of punch, but he relised… there was no punch-line


so three retards walk in too a class room… Sike it was the garbage They mistaked it for there class room.

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A bear and a rabbit are at a bar getting high smoking weed talking about nothing but lies and straight up garbage. and then the bear starts to drink too much damn liquor gets drunk and ask the rabbit can i have one more scotch pretty please? And the rabbit says hell to the naw I’m not about to carry your drunk ass home with me and smell your breath.